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Why The Villages Area Residents Love Davis Clinic of Chiropractic

The chiropractors at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic have helped thousands of patients get relief from their chronic back pain, neck pain, neuropathy, and knee pain with our non-surgical treatment protocols including the revolutionary DRS Protocol spinal decompression. Check out our reviews to see what some of our patients have to say. If you're in The Villages, Lady Lake, Ocala, Oxford or surrounding areas and are ready to get back to a pain-free life, schedule an appointment today!

DRS Protocol Reviews - Back Pain Treatment

"I couldn't get out of bed or stand, when I first called the Davis Clinic. I was diagnosed with two herniated discs, which caused compression on the nerves in my low back. The pain radiated all the way down my left leg. Following my first appointment and treatment by Dr. Davis, I began feeling immediate relief. It has now been two years since Dr. Davis finished treating me. I am pain-free and able to live a very active lifestyle."

DRS Protocol
5 / 5 stars

"After countless doctor visits, tests, MRI's, lost time, and much suffering - I was diagnosed with stenosis, degenerative lumbar discs, and sciatica. I was told that pain medication and surgery where the only options I had for pain relief. I'd tried other chiropractors and therapies in the past - and nothing seemed to help. Then I consulted with Dr. Davis for the first time. Dr. Davis reviewed all of my previous studies, and spoke to me in a manner that I could understand. I finally felt someone actually understood my pain and could help me. Under his care, I began treatment and within the first month my low back and pain leg pain of ten years began to resolve. Now I am walking, sitting at church, and able to live a pain free life."

Back Pain Treatment
4.5 / 5 stars

“When I first visited The Davis Clinic, Dr. Davis told me if he could not help me he would refer me to the appropriate doctor who could. Furthermore, I was skeptical of chiropractic care. I figured if my medications or surgery could not help me - how could chiropractic care help? Boy was I wrong! What stood out in my mind was what Dr. Davis told me on the second visit. He said "A physical problem such as my herniated disc, and low back pain, responds best to a physical solution.” That’s when I had realized all of the medication I had taken over the past two years, was merely helping me - cope with the pain as it got worse. Now I finally had a treatment to correct the herniated disc - with no risks. One year later, I am doing great. I am playing soft ball, golf, and even able to dance at the town square - with no pain in my low back or leg. Thank you so much for your help Dr. Davis"

Back Pain Relief with DRS!
5 / 5 stars

“I had received acupuncture, chiropractic, and decompression therapy over the past ten years for my low back and leg pain - with little to no response to the treatments. When I arrived at The Davis Clinic, I was concerned about starting another treatment which simply took my money, and left me with the same pain I came in the door with. Fortunately, the treatment care provided at The Davis Clinic provided me with the results I was looking for. I had never experienced such technologically advanced treatment methods - and they WORK! I am once again active with fitness and the wellness center activities - and my back is doing GREAT!"

Pain Treatment
5 / 5 stars

“I suffered with chronic back and leg pain for the past nine years. I tried it all - back surgery, epidural injections, and every new thing that would come along. All without feeling any pain relief. Now, thanks to the Davis Clinic, I am relatively pain free."

Back Pain Treatment
5 / 5 stars

“I had constant low back pain following my automobile accident. I couldn't stand or walk for very long. It prevented me from working. I tried pain medication, physical therapy, and nothing was working. Dr. Davis diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease which was made worse by the car crash. Today I am able to work pain free. If anyone can help you - it is the Davis Clinic."

DRS Pain Treatment Low Back Pain
5 / 5 stars

“I suffered with very painful low back pain. The pain moved all the way down both of my legs. My medical doctor told me another surgery was my only option. I had previously had spine surgery and certainly did not want to go through another process like that. Dr. Davis's recommendations for treatment made sense and I began his treatment care immediately. My low back and leg pain was resolved and it has been three years of being pain free with no surgery. I cannot thank Dr. Davis enough.”

Back Pain Treatment.
5 / 5 stars

DRS Protocol Reviews - Neck Pain Treatment

“I was diagnosed with lumbar stenosis 15 years ago. I was also told surgery and pain management where my only options for treatment. My back pain became worse over time. For the last nine months I suffered with severe lower back pain and leg pain. I had to begin walking with a cane. I was not able to make my own bed, walk, or stand for more than five minutes without doubling over in pain. Then I met Dr. Davis and began receiving treatment care at the Davis clinic. After only four weeks of treatment, I have begun seeing a significant improvement. I’ve been able to make my own bed pain free, and walk without a cane. And best of all, I’m finally getting my social life back!"
Davis Clinic Back Pain Treatment.

5 / 5 stars

"I had pain in my neck and tingling down my left arm for some time. My medical doctor told me it was just arthritis and to keep taking my medications. But they had too many side effects. That is when I decided to call The Davis Clinic. From my X-rays, Dr. Davis identified a problem in my neck that was causing the numbness in my arm and hand. I followed his treatment recommendations and today - No More Pain or Numbness!!"

Davis Clinic Neck Pain Treatment DRS Protocol
5 / 5 stars

“I suffered from chronic neck pain and stiffness which moved into my upper back. My experience at Davis Clinic was very professional, informative, and instrumental in relieving my neck and upper back pain. I regained the lost motion in my neck and I am very thankful for the results the Davis Clinic provided to me."

Neck Pain Treatment DRS Protocol
5 / 5 stars

Neuropathy Treatment Reviews

Knee Pain Treatment Reviews

“I saw several doctors for my back and hip pain. No one could provide me with pain relief. I sought treatment at The Davis Clinic and began following Dr. Davis’ treatment recommendations. Finally, I have relief from pain! Now I am golfing more, riding my motorcycle more, and my health over-all is just so much better. It’s unbelievable what the Davis Clinic has done for me"

Davis Clinic Hip Pain Treatment.
5 / 5 stars

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