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Facet Syndrome

Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment of Facet Syndrome

If you've been diagnosed with Facet syndrome there is hope! Although painful, facet syndrome treatment is availabe without surgery or drugs for the residents of The Villages® community and surrounding areas.

What is Facet Syndrome?

Facet syndrome, also known as osteoarthritis, is a common cause of back pain which normally occurs in adults over 50 and can result from normal wear and tear, injury, or degeneration of the disc(s).

Facets function as guides to align the vertebrae of the spine and are the bony protrusions extending from the back of the vertebrae.

facet syndrome

Facet Syndrome occurs when the back of the spine which interconnects to one another (the facets) compresses and irritates the soft tissue in between. This can inflame the nerves exiting the spine causing back pain and other painful symptoms.

Symptoms of Facet Syndrome

When a nerve is compressed, it may cause symptoms including:

  • numbness and tingling
  • burning pain
  • achy soreness along the nerve path
  • radiating lower back pain
  • weakness in arms or legs
  • stiffness
  • swelling
  • tenderness


Non-Invasive Facet Syndrome Treatment

Before considering corticosteroid injections, addictive pain medications, or surgery, contact Davis Clinic of Chiropractic located within The Villages® community to learn how we can provide a safe and effective facet syndrome treatment using the pain-free DRS Protocol.

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