The Link between Being Overweight and Degenerative Disc Disease

February 1, 2012

We should all give thanks for the DRS Protocol™ because it is effective for relieving chronic pain in people who have degenerative disc disease. If you’d like to avoid having this condition in the first place, you might want to shed a few extra pounds. According to a recent study in the journal, Arthirtis & Rheumatism, overweight people are more likely to have degenerative disc disease than normal weight people.

Researchers aren’t sure why overweight or obese people develop disc problems at a higher rate than normal weight people, but this study of over 2,500 Chinese men and women showed strong evidence this is true. They think those extra pounds cause more stress on the discs, or that overweight people often are less active.

Either way, a good weight loss diet now might keep you from suffering back pain later in life. If you do have chronic low back pain cause by degenerative discs, failed back surgery, or any other reason, give the Davis Clinic a call right now. Learn more about the DRS Protocol at our website.

If you would like to learn more about this study, click here

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