Are Headaches a Pain in Your Neck?

August 6, 2014

Your Pain in the Neck Headache Could be Caused by a Problem in your Neck

Headache caused by neck painA headache can be caused by many things, smells, allergies, loud noises, even by chewing gum. For many people, however, the problem isn’t in their head, it’s in their necks.

In between the vertebrae of the neck are cervical discs, designed to cushion the weight of the head while allowing the vertebrae to move. Disc Herniations sometimes can occur here just as they do in your lower spine, compressing the spinal nerves or even the spinal cord.  Herniation can happen without you even realizing it. It may be caused by an accident, injury or just from a rough game of sports.

The pain from disc herniation radiates across your shoulder and into your arm, through your forearm, and sometimes down to your hand. Headaches and neck pain are typical symptoms of a herniated disc in your neck. You may also have numbness in your arms, and even in your legs.

As with most pain, start with rest and the usual over the counter pain relievers. The pain or discomfort may improve over a few weeks, but in many cases, it just never goes away. If this is your problem, choose your next step very carefully. You don’t want to make things worse.

First, you need a thorough examination. You must determine the correct cause of your headaches in order to understand what the best treatment will be. Some treatments may actually cause more harm than good. Surgery, for example, often prescribed for herniated or degenerative discs, may only work for only a few years before the pain is back, and more surgery is prescribed. Even standard chiropractic care could make the problem worse, not better, so make sure you see a doctor who specializes in neck pain problems, like Dr. Jason Davis at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic.

The Same Successful Treatment For Back Pain is Also Available For Neck Pain

After developing the DRS Protocol to help alleviate back pain without surgery or drugs, it was determined that a similar treatment to DRS would also be successful for neck pain. DRS is pain-free, drug-free, and best of all, nonsurgical. After more years or research, it turns out they were right. Only a few doctors in the US have been trained to use the DRS Protocols, and even fewer have been trained to use the DRS protocols for cervical (neck) pain. One of these doctors is in the Central Florida Region, Dr. Jason Davis of the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages, FL.

Headache Treatment at The Villages Chiropractor

Don’t suffer the rest of your life with headaches caused by disc problems in your neck. There is a solution. If you suffer from headaches, contact us today at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic.


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