You Don’t Have to Accept Back Pain

Do you feel that back pain is just a part of getting older? Whereas back pain may be more evident in adults than in younger people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they go hand-in-hand. There are some simple steps you can take in order to help rid yourself of back pain.

Natural Pain Relief

First, start by maintaining good posture. If you have a “sit down” job where you are at your desk all day, make sure your chair is ergonomically correct. In other words, make sure the chair is set up right for your height and job function. If you work on a computer most of the day, your computer screen should be at eye level. The chair should be set so that both feet are able to touch the floor.

Next, limit the amount of time you spend in bed. Studies show that people who are more active on a daily routine tend to feel less pain than those who stay in bed. Staying in bed may provide temporary relief. However, the long term effects are stiffness and soreness.

 Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Exercising is another remedy that has great side benefits. In addition to keeping your muscles limber, it will improve your blood circulation and help you maintain a healthy weight. Be careful not to overdo the exercises. Avoid bending and twisting as those activities may have been what caused the back pain to begin with. A simple walk is a good way to start your exercise routine.

Using cold and hot packs can help reduce the pain as well. If your back pain is due to an injury, use ice for the first 48 hours to reduce the swelling then switch to heat. The heat will provide a soothing effect that will comfort the muscles and provide for extended relief.

Non-Surgical Back and Neck Pain Treatment

Finally, if you have severe or chronic back pain, see a professional. Doctors, such as Dr. Jason Davis of the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic, in the Villages, Florida , specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of back pain conditions that are causing you discomfort, such as herniated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and more. Dr. Davis is highly trained in treating back pain without surgery, epidurals, or other invasive treatments, including the highly effective, DRS Protocol.

Remember, just because we are getting older, does not mean that we have to accept the aches and pains that some may say are symptoms of getting older. Following these simple techniques and obtaining the advice of a professional chiropractor may be the answer to enjoying a productive and pain free lifestyle. If you are tired of living with pack pain, call the Villages Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Davis today at (352) 430-2121.



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