Tips for Traveling with Chronic Back Pain

March 15, 2016

tips for traveling with back pain

How to Travel with Back Pain

Here in The Villages, FL, we’re pretty lucky. We get warm weather pretty much year ’round. Yes, there were some chilly days earlier this year, but for the most part, the weather here is pretty sunny and warm! So, we typically don’t think too much about Spring, which officially starts this Sunday, the 20th, until the kids get out of school for Spring Break.

If your Spring break plans include traveling, you may be worried about whether or not your back will be able to handle the added pressure of traveling. Whether in a car or on a plane, traveling can be a literal pain in the back! If you suffer from chronic back pain, we have some helpful traveling advice so you can keep your pain to a minimum during your vacation this Spring break!

Practice Good Posture

If you experience back pain while sitting, you will most likely be surprised by how much great posture can alleviate a majority of the pain. Practice good posture by allowing the seat to fully support your spine. The headrest should be placed directly in the middle of your head and your feet should be placed firmly on the floor. Don’t cross your legs or hunch forward.

Support Your Spine

Even if your plane or car seat offers great lumbar support, you can always bring an extra layer of support! Don’t forget to pack an extra pillow to place between your lower back and the seat. If you don’t have a pillow, a rolled-up sweatshirt or jacket will work just fine!

Switch up Your Seating Position

No one’s back is equipped to handle long periods of time sitting in one position. That means if you’re stuck on the road or in a plane, it’s best to change-up your position. If your back starts to hurt, recline your seat for a while. If you’re still experiencing back pain, try stretching. Lean your head forward while extending your legs, one leg at a time. Hold that pose for about 30 seconds. This will stretch your hamstrings and temporarily relieve back pain.

Use Cruise Control

If you drew the short straw and found yourself driving, keep in mind that cruise control can be your best friend! Use cruise control whenever possible so you can keep your feet flat on the floor, improving your posture.

Take a Break

Don’t try to complete a long road trip all at once. Take a break every couple of hours, or sooner if needed, to stretch your back and your legs.

Following these tips will help take added stress off your back, however if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, contact Davis Clinic of Chiropractic when you return from your trip to learn about our nonsurgical back pain treatment so your next trip can be pain-free!


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