Back Pain and Depression: What’s the Connection?

January 18, 2018

Back pain is a very common issue that affects a whopping 80% of people. Of course, the severity of the pain and injury varies from situation to situation.

But it’s not just the pain some of these individuals have to deal with. For instance, some also have other seemingly unrelated conditions, such as depression.

It makes sense for someone with a debilitating back injury to develop depression at some point in time. However, what we’ll discuss is whether back pain and depression interrelate.

What’s the Science Behind it?

You may find it surprising that back pain doesn’t necessarily have to come before the depression. There’s a study that suggests otherwise – those with depression are 60% more likely to develop low back pain.

It’s not quite clear why the two correlate, but there are a few theories.

The Relationship Between Back Pain and Depression

There were over 61,000 cases of lower back pain in the aforementioned Australian study. Based on the findings, it was determined that lower back pain was due to depression, or at least in part.

The evidence also showed that the deeper the depression of the individual, the more severe their back pain.

Now, medical professionals are still not convinced of the correlation between back pain and depression. This is especially true since the two conditions have differing causes.

For instance, lower back pain can stem from all sorts of conditions that relate to the nerves, muscles, bones, disks, and tendons.

The Typical Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are a number of reasons why someone’s lower back may develop pain. For instance, it may be due to irritation in the nerve roots in the region. Or there’s a strain in the muscles of that area. Then there’s the possibility of a degenerating intervertebral disc.

Is It All a Coincidence?

Depression stems from different life circumstances we face. For instance, the death of a family member or losing a job. This condition results in an individual’s ability to enjoy life and the activities they once did.

It’s hard to conclude definitively that back pain and depression correlate. However, when you look at the data, you’ll see those who are depressed somewhat set themselves up for lower back pain.

For instance, they don’t work out as much or do any physical activities. Or they suffer from sleep disorders that can wear down the body. Increased physical activity and restful sleep show improvements in back pain.

Not to mention, the disruption in neural transmitters that affect mood can also diminish your pain threshold.

Treating Back Pain and Depression

Typically, doctors will look to treat both the depression and lower back pain at once. For instance, receiving psychiatric and chiropractic therapy at once.

At Davis Clinic of Chiropractic Inc., we can provide you with top-notch chiropractic care. We also offer assistance with depression using neurofeedback therapies and various others.

If you’re currently suffering from back pain and are depressed, then we can help you. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in becoming happy and pain-free.


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