BrainCore Therapy: How Does Neurofeedback Work?

October 3, 2018

If you’ve experienced any form of mental irregularity for some time and are still looking for a way to find help, you may find your answer in a new form of therapy.

Modern science allows us to examine the production of brainwaves in the human brain. Brainwaves reflect a lot about what a person is doing and experiencing at the moment, and the healthy production of brainwaves usually signifies a healthy mind.

The other side of this is that irregular brainwave production can signify an unhealthy brain. Research into brainwaves has led some doctors to treat patients with something called neurofeedback or BrainCore therapy.

What is BrainCore Therapy?

BrainCore therapy seeks to adjust a person’s brainwave production to a healthy point. This means analyzing the irregularities in wave production, identifying what mental health issues the patient is experiencing, and conducting therapy to try and help the patient produce healthy waves again.

But what do we know about waves? We know that there are four primary forms of brainwave and each one relates to a different element of our consciousness. When one gets thrown out of balance or produced unnaturally, we experience some form of mental illness.

Delta waves arise primarily when a person is asleep. They’re typically produced in stage 3 NREM sleep and are more active in women. Interestingly, females across mammal species show higher levels of delta waves.

Theta waves, on the other hand, are produced as we’re falling asleep. These waves are also more present in those who have developed the skill of meditation. Low-level meditation creates a small increase in theta waves, while “no thought” meditation brings significant changes.

Alpha waves are produced while we are in a relaxed state. When we are calm and collected, this means that our alpha waves are in balance. Beta waves are produced when we’re focusing on the outside world.

Studying, analyzing, and engaging with others produces beta waves.

How Therapy Works

Brainwave patterns are collected when a patient is analyzed by an EEG. As the patient works on games, watches videos, or listens to music as the technology reads the balance of brainwaves.┬áInterestingly, the game, movie, or music will change as the person’s brainwaves move in and out of balance. This is a form of neurofeedback, and patients gradually learn to control and change their brainwaves as the data is presented to them.

Because the person’s brainwaves are controlling the data in front of them, they are able to see how their brain is operating in real time. As the patient progresses in therapy, they begin to recognize patterns and associate emotions with certain brainwave abnormalities.

The hope is that through this they will learn to change their own brainwaves back to a healthy state.

What Does Braincore Therapy Treat?

Braincore Therapy utilizes neurofeedback to reduce or reverse the symptoms of brain-based conditions including:

Memory Loss – pre-Alzheimers & pre-dementia
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Learning Disorders

You Don’t Always Need a Prescription Drug

The great part about BrainCore therapy is that there are no prescriptions. All of the work is done by the patient themselves. This means that there are no side-effects and no long-term health risks.

You don’t always need to take the route that requires dangerous medication. Even in physical ailments, there are often ways to treat your body that have no known side effects.

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