How Braincore Neurofeedback Can Fight Depression Without Medication

December 15, 2018

Do you feel depressed? Depression affects an estimated 16.2 million American adults, which equals 6.7% of the adult population. Many of these people turn to prescription medications to help them cope with daily life. While depression medications may help some, they do so at a cost.

Fortunately, you can fight depression without taking prescription drugs. Braincore Neurofeedback helps people take back their life without swallowing a pill.

Fight Depression with Braincore Neurofeedback

To understand how to stop depression with Braincore Neurofeedback, you need to know the mechanisms at work for causing and treating depression. Let’s first look at the causes of depression.

Causes of Depression

Depression comes from a number of causes, making fighting depression complicated. The causes of depression can include:

  • genetics
  • a chemical imbalance in the brain
  • poor nutrition
  • inadequate sleep
  • environmental stressors
  • illness and other physical health problems
  • prescription drug use and/or drug abuse

Sometimes a mix of circumstances can trigger a bout of depression, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact culprit. However, science reveals that depression occurs when these factors change the frequency of brain signals in the brain. 

Our left brain mainly processes logic, sequence, and analysis. The right brain focuses more on intuition and socialization. When an imbalance in the brain patterns occur to amp up our intuition and socialized thinking, we tend to get into our own heads more. Essentially, we think more emotionally and process information based more on feeling rather than fact. 

Pair this with our left brain waves slowing, slowing our logical voice, and it opens us up to let our insecurities and fears shape the world around us. To fix depression at its root, we need to balance out our brainwaves.

How to Fight Depression

How do we change our brainwaves? 

Braincore Neurofeedback provides a non-invasive, chemical-free way of adjusting the neurotransmissions within the brain. With the use of electrodes, a trained therapist can manipulate the patient’s brainwaves. Research reveals that alpha waves create a relaxed state. Ultimately, they reduce negative thinking and increase innovative though, thus creating a recipe for happiness.

During Braincore Neurofeedback, the electrodes stimulate the activity of alpha waves on the right brain, to relax that side a little. At the same time, the electrodes activate the left side of the brain with waves that increase the activity. This process does not only change the frequency for the moment. It actually trains the person’s brain to produce this more ideal brain pattern as they continue the treatment. 

Think about riding a bike or throwing a ball. The first time, you may retain some muscle memory or the task, possibly enough to roughly reproduce it. However, the more you practice, the more accurately you can perform the task. Training your brain with altered brainwaves works similarly.

Is It Safe?

Admittedly, altering brainwaves sounds like something scary that the villain does in a science fiction movie. Rest assured that Neurofeedback is safe and FDA approved to fight depression.  

Beat Depression with Braincore Neurofeedback

If you suffer from depression, then take control of the battle. Stop turning to chemicals that can cause further harm to your body and psyche. Fight depression with Braincore Neurofeedback. Contact us today to start your therapy and turn your life around!


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