The Link between Obesity and Knee Pain- What You Need to Know

April 11, 2019

Having trouble climbing stairs? Feel off-balance when getting the clothes out of the dryer? Have trouble walking long distances? It could all be due to knee problems and knee pain.

While knee pain can happen to anyone, obesity is a major risk factor in knee pain. Why is that? Here we tell you what you need to know about the link between obesity and knee pain.

What You Need to Know The Link between Obesity and Knee Pain

Knee pain is always bad. But, being overweight can make knee pain worse. This chronic type of pain makes the simplest of tasks more taxing.

Here we will address the causes of knee pain. We also explain how weight makes joint pain worse. Finally, we will explain how to lose weight with knee pain and how that can make it better.

Causes of Knee Pain

Before stopping knee pain you have to understand why you have it. Knee pain comes from a variety of sources. It could be an old injury that didn’t heal right. The pain could be arthritis or another deteriorative condition.

The most common cause of chronic knee pain is obesity. Think about it. Every pound overweight you are puts an extra 4 pounds of pressure on your knees. So, if you are 75 pounds overweight your knees carry an extra 300 lbs of pressure. Your knees would be carrying the weight of you, plus a full-grown gorilla. No wonder they hurt!

How Weight Makes Joints Worse

Your knee joints keep you upright. They work together with your hips and leg muscles to keep you up and moving around. The harder these joints have to work, the more they wear down. The heavier you become, the faster they wear out. The end result is a break down of the functionality of your knee joint.

The knee will wear out its cartilage. This cartilage is the cushion preventing your bones from rubbing against one another. Like a brake pad on a car, you must replace worn-out cartilage. If not, the bones will rub together causing you pain.

Making Knee Pain Better By Losing Weight

So, what does this all mean? The best thing you can do for knee pain is losing weight. But, it can be hard figuring out how to lose weight with bad knees. It’s hard to move. Working out seems impossible.

Don’t fret! The best thing is 90% of weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym. Focus on nutrition first. Then, as your better diet takes effect, you’ll be able to move more.

Remember, every pound you lose is 4 pounds of pressure off your knees. Even a 10 lb loss can mean a tremendous gain of mobility.

Take The Weight Of Knee Pain Off of Your Mind By Getting The Weight Off of Your Knees

We hope you’ve learned more about the link between obesity and knee pain.

Are you ready to get on the path towards wellness and weight loss? Check out our weight loss program today! 


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