The Road To Recovery: The 5 Best Meniscus Tear Exercises

August 2, 2019

meniscus tear exercises

After a meniscus tear, it is critical to engage in the best exercise routines. The road to recovery consists of meniscus tear exercises that are suitable for your particular situation and helps you to regain full activity of your knee.

What type of exercises are helpful for your condition? This post provides information about various meniscus tear exercises that improve the overall function of the knee joint.

Let’s take a look at some of these recommended techniques.

1. Straight Leg Meniscus Tear Exercises

Research shows that hip strength affects the position of the knee. If you have weak hips, your knee will not be properly aligned. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate a range of hip strengthening exercises.

One of these is a straight leg raise. Straight leg raises improve the strength of the hips, which is also beneficial for the knees. This exercise is performed in various positions and helps a patient to fully recover.

2. Quad Sets

Working the quad sets is a technique that is carried out slowly and carefully.

Quad sets help to build and retain strength in the muscles. Following a meniscus tear or injury, this is a common technique utilized by physical therapists. It improves the function of the quadricep muscles and can be performed several times throughout the day.

3. Lunges

A torn meniscus is a painful injury, but it is also treatable with specialized exercises.

Lunges are a beneficial form of exercise that improves the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. This is an effective technique that works various muscle groups. Regular lunge exercises consist of 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

4. Bicycling

Riding a stationary bike is another popular technique to help heal a torn meniscus. Regular bicycling improves the range of motion of the knees, it increases muscular endurance in the legs, and it also reduces stress and strain in the knees.

Rehabilitation guidelines from your doctor will help you learn how much riding you need to perform. A bike-riding regimen should be tailored for your particular knee injury. In general, patients are usually recommended to ride for at least 30 minutes several times during the week.

5. Engage in Stretching Exercises

Following an injury, stretching exercises are a critical part of a rehabilitation program. These exercises improve the range of motion at a joint as well as increasing the flexibility of soft tissues. Some of these involve hamstring stretches and calf stretches.

Active Exercise Programs Restore Strength and Mobility to the Knees

Only your doctor can prescribe the right meniscus tear exercises that are beneficial and safe for your condition.

Increasing strength and flexibility in the knee and legs are important factors that prevent future knee degeneration. By working with a doctor, you will have a better understanding of the type of meniscus tear exercises to avoid and following exercises that lead to the healing of your knee.

For more information about knee pain treatments and exercise techniques tailored for your needs, contact us to discuss your condition.


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