Ouch! How to Relieve a Painful Pinched Nerve in Your Back

August 6, 2019

pinched nerve in back

Nerves send important messages from your brain to the rest of your body. But, when you get a pinched nerve in your back, your body will send you warning signals in the form of pain to your neck, back, shoulder, or arm.

Keep reading to learn what to do if you have a pinched nerve and how to get the relief you need.

What Causes a Pinched Nerve in Your Back?

A pinched nerve usually occurs when a nerve gets compressed due to repetitive motions, staying in one position for too long, weight gain, or if you have sustained an injury.

If the nerve is only pinched for a short amount of time then there is usually no risk of permanent damage. Once the compression has been relieved the nerve usually heals and its function will return to its normal state.

If the pressure remains on the nerve, however, there is a risk of chronic pain and permanent damage to the nerve.

How Do I Know if it’s a Pinched Nerve?

The most common way to know if you have a pinched nerve is the feeling of a tingling sensation in your arms, hands, legs, or feet and usually some numbness. Initially, these sensations may come and go as the area that is pinching the nerve may swell or shift.

Some people may experience tingling along with sharp stabbing like pain or a burning sensation. In serious conditions, there may also be some muscle weakness.

If the symptoms are bad enough, visit your chiropractor for an examination and diagnosis and to look for the cause of the pinched nerve which could be caused by a herniated disc, bone fracture, or arthritis.

Pinched Nerve Treatment

Depending on the severity and location of the pinched nerve, there are some things that you can do yourself to help relieve the pain.

For immediate relief, an over-the-counter pain reliever and anti-inflammatory might be helpful.

If you have suffered an injury from a single incident or from repetitive action then resting the affected area might be an effective way to reduce the pain and symptoms from the pinched nerve.

If the nerve in your back is causing pain in your neck or lower back, stretching or exercises to strengthen your core can help eliminate any pressure that is being placed on the root of your nerve. Losing some weight might also be beneficial for certain types of pinched nerves.

A safe, effective treatment for a pinched nerve caused by a herniated disc is the DRS Protocol. The DRS Protocol has helped thousands of patients get relief from a pinched nerve and avoid surgery.

Do You Have a Pinched Nerve?

If you are experiencing similar symptoms as described above from a pinched nerve in your back and have attempted some of the home remedies without any real improvement, then it might be time to see your chiropractor.

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