Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Have you tried recommended pain relief exercises and other treatments to no avail? Facet Syndrome affects the lives of millions of people in the United States, and many of them, maybe even you, are considering surgical procedures to help ease their pain.

But wait, what if there was a non-surgical procedure you could try? A way to relieve the pain associated with facet syndrome.

A Treatment Option For Those Suffering Chronic Pain.

Nobody should have to live with chronic pain. That is why the DRS Protocol is one of the best nonsurgical, drug-free treatments for those suffering from chronic joint pain.

  • Facet Syndrome
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Herniated Discs

Because this chronic pain treatment is based on a direct handling of the painful area, pain relief sessions can be targeted to get the best results.

What is DRS and How Does it Work?

DRS is a non-surgical treatment that can help relieve the pain of facet syndrome. The treatment works on three different principles.

  • Decompression
  • Reduction
  • Stabilization

DRS significantly reduces joint pain by reducing the pressure within the damaged discs, through a process known as spinal decompression.

With pressure reduction comes an increased flow of both blood and oxygen. The reduction in pain also results in an increased range of motion and flexibility. The DRS Protocol combines spinal decompression treatment with multiple therapies customized for each patient’s condition to get them the best results. The result is pain reduction by helping the body’s natural healing process.

Both Pre or Post Surgery, DRS Protocol Will Work For You.

If you or someone you know is suffering from facet syndrome or chronic joint pain, then the DRS Protocol could be the best option to consider. This non-invasive treatment is just as safe for those that have had spinal surgery as it is for those that are still exploring other, less invasive, treatment options.

A Drug-Free Treatment for Chronic Pain.

If you have lived with chronic pain for any length of time, you will be aware of the numerous pain relief medications that your doctor can prescribe. You know the ones…the addictive pills that offer you relief, but take away something else too.

Well, the DRS protocol not only offers you a non-invasive treatment option but one that is also free from any additional medications. It is a natural treatment for your chronic neck and back pain, that works on the affected areas, leaving you clear-headed and medication free.

Pain is Your Body Talking to You.

To those that understand the agony of facet syndrome, the idea of taking medication that removes the pain can be an attractive one. However, pain is actually your body talking to you. It is your body’s way of telling you there is a problem and taking drugs to cover pain may give you some immediate relief, but it will not offer you a cure.

The DRS protocol does just that.

The sessions are designed to treat and relieve the problem rather than merely hide the pain so you can live the life you came to The Villages community for.

Don’t live another day with facet syndrome. Take the self-test to find out if you’re a candidate for the DRS Protocol.

October 1, 2016 Back PainChronic Pain

chronic back pain

What you Don’t Know about Chronic Back Pain

Aside from the physical pain, chronic back pain also comes with many side effects that can have a serious impact on your life. If you suffer from chronic back pain, there are some things you may not know about how it can affect your life and your health.

Chronic Back Pain and Depression

As many people with chronic back pain know, it’s more than just a debilitating condition, it’s something that affects every aspect of your life. It’s hard to stay positive when you’re in pain and it’s keeping you from being able to enjoy the things you used to or spending time with friends and family. Because many people who suffer from chronic pain are unable to lead a normal life, they can feel isolated and hopeless which can lead to depression.

Roughly 75% of people being treated for depression report physical symptoms such as lower back pain. That means there is a direct correlation between your physical and mental well-being. When one is off, so is the other.

Chronic Back Pain and Irritability

Chronic back pain can make it hard to concentrate, sleep, or work. Many people suffering from chronic pain feel “on edge” and irritable due to lack of sleep, feelings of hopelessness, or feeling that they are not getting the support they want or need. This irritable feeling can have a huge impact on relationships with friends and family. It can take away the fun-loving person you used to be.

Chronic Back Pain and Health

A study by the Pain Research Center revealed that the long-term consequences of chronic pain not only affects sleep and daily life, but also negatively impacts brain function, cardiovascular health, sexual function, and overall quality of life.

What Can Help Chronic Back Pain?

While many people with chronic back pain have tried everything including traditional chiropractic treatments, pain medications, epidural steroid injections, and even surgery, they have not gotten relief from their pain.

The Davis Clinic of Chiropractic has helped thousands of patients who have tried everything, get their pain-free life back. Dr. Jason Davis and his team of chiropractors in The Villages® community can help you get relief from the chronic back pain that is controlling your life! Give us a call today at (352) 440-2121 to learn how our DRS Protocol treatment for chronic pain has helped others in Ocala, Lady Lake, The Villages community, Leesburg, Fruitland Park, and surrounding areas. It’s your turn for pain relief, call today!

September 25, 2016 Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain The Silent Condition

Why Chronic Pain is so Hard to Understand

Chronic pain affects more than 25 million Americans each year, with 17.6% of the population reporting to have experienced “severe levels” of pain within the past three months. Explaining your chronic pain to someone who’s never experienced it is frustrating, to say the least. Since it can’t be seen, many people tend to ignore the suffer’s pain. And, although sufferers may try to smile and go about our day, it doesn’t mean they are not experiencing debilitating pain.

Chronic Pain is a Mystery

Chronic pain is described as: “any pain lasting longer than 12 weeks.” However, as opposed to acute pain, chronic pain is much more mysterious. Oftentimes, chronic pain doesn’t have an exact cause, which makes it harder to cure. Aside from an accident such as a trip or a fall, most chronic pain has no real cause. Your chronic pain could be a result of anything from poor posture, a curvature of the spine, fibromyalgia, arthritis, a herniated disc, or the natural aging of the spine.

Furthermore, pain is completely subjective. For example, a doctor might ask a patient to rate their pain on a scale of 1-10. However, this question varies depending on each patient’s pain tolerance. Because it is almost impossible to determine the severity of each, many cases of chronic pain go untreated.

Chronic Pain is Invisible

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of living with chronic pain is that it’s an invisible illness. When someone breaks their arm, you can look at an X-Ray and pinpoint the cause of their pain. You can even put a cast on the arm and it will begin to heal itself. Furthermore, when you see someone with a cast, you don’t question why they’re not participating in an event. However, because of the mysterious nature of chronic pain, sufferers may get treated very differently than someone who has broken an arm. With chronic pain, not only do you have to face debilitating pain, and the heartbreak of not being able to participate in some of your favorite hobbies, you may also have to face skepticism from others. Because there is no substantial evidence for chronic pain, many sufferers don’t get taken seriously, sometimes even by their own doctors. Family members might not understand why you would rather stay home. Friends might stop asking you to go out. This type of pain can keep you from doing the things you love the most – whether it’s spending your day on the golf course, walking around the neighborhood, or trying to keep up with kids and grandkids. Left untreated, it can take over your life and lead to depression.

Chronic Pain is Not a Life Sentence

The chiropractors at Davis Clinic of Chiropractic know exactly what you’re going through. We’ve helped hundreds of patients that were going through the same thing – the life-altering disease known as chronic pain. We know that the pain is real and our team has dedicated their lives to helping our patients relieve that pain without drugs, surgery, or other invasive procedures.

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or other condition, we can help you get back on the road to recovery. You don’t have to live with the pain, and you certainly don’t have to go through it alone.

Get relief from chronic pain. Contact us today at (352) 430-2121 to see how we can help you get your life back!


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