Back Pain Relief on the Road

Traveling with back pain can be frustrating and difficult. For most, the idea of spending a great deal of time on the road, cramped in a car may be enough to ruin your Holidays. However, by taking the appropriate precautions, you can turn your dreaded holiday travels into an enjoyable experience.

Pack Lightly

First, pack as lightly as you can. Do not overload suitcases that you may be lugging around to your destination. Lifting these items may irritate the muscles in your back and create unnecessary pain. If you must bring many things along with you, it is better to pack multiple suitcases with fewer items in each. And remember, always lift with your leg muscles; not your back!

If you will be carrying your luggage around, it might be a good idea to invest in a set of rolling suitcases. The wheels allow you to take a great deal of pressure off of your back and neck.

Proper Posture is the Key to Avoiding Back Pain

Sit properly. To avoid strains, stiffness and soreness, adjust the car seat so that you are sitting in an upright position. However, your seat should not be completely vertical, but slightly tilted back. Having the seat slightly tilted back helps to relieve some of the pressure on your spine.

Take some time to adjust the headrest to the correct height. According to the American Chiropractic Association, over 75 percent of drivers do not have their headrest set to the correct height. This is important as it will support your neck from slight movements caused by acceleration and braking.

Take Breaks to Stretch out your Back, Neck, and Legs

The best thing you can do for your back pain is to take frequent breaks. If you find yourself getting tired, pull over at rest stops or gas stations and get out of the car. Take this opportunity to stretch your legs, arms, back, and neck. Allow your body some time to get back into a natural standing position.

If you are not able to stop at a rest stop and stretch your muscles, take advantage of some of the natural breaks you may have while driving. When sitting at a stop light or waiting on a train, take this time to do some neck exercises such as side to side head turns. Along with that, bend your head so that your ear touches your shoulder on each side. Also, never underestimate the power of cruise control! Allowing your feet to rest comfortably on the floor for a while will help to relieve some of your lower back pain.

Natural Back Pain Relief in The Villages, Florida

If your back pain is to the point where you are dreading taking long trips and vacations, what’s stopping you from seeking chiropractic care? Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages, Florida has been helping residents relieve back and neck pain naturally – without the use of harmful surgeries or medications. Isn’t it about you time you relieve your pain once and for all?

From all of us at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic, have a safe and very happy holiday!

Workplaces Should be Pain-free

Most of us are in jobs that require us to spend a significant portion of the day sedentary — looking at a computer and performing repetitive motions. Unfortunately, this places a great amount of stress on our bodies and can even be the source of a variety of physical ailments. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines workplace ergonomics as: “The Science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population.”  Is your workspace set up with ergonomics in mind? If not, it may be contributing — or even causing — a range of aches, pains, physical ailments and even injury.

If you suspect that the recurring pain you experience — particularly in your wrists, shoulders, neck or lower back — comes from your working environment, it’s time to give it a reassessment. Here are some guidelines for a more ergonomic workspace design to reduce back or neck pain and increase comfort (and productivity):

A Proper Seating Position

Use an adjustable chair and maximize the options to find the most comfortable fit for you.  It is recommended that a couple inches exist between the seat front and the back of the knees.  Your lower back should be supported — either by the chair’s lumbar support or by the addition of a small cushion.

Your back should be reclining slightly away from the desk — a stiff straight-backed posture is stressful to the spine.  Also, don’t cross your legs – keep your feet flat on the floor and about hip-width apart.  Adjust the seat height so that your knees are at a 90 degree angle from the hips.

A Relaxed Upper Body

When your hands are on the keyboard, wrists should be naturally in a neutral position.
Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle when your hands are on the keyboard.  Also, in order to minimize unnecessary movements, place the mouse as close to the keyboard as possible and navigate your mouse using your elbow, rather than your wrist.  Don’t crane your head forward towards the computer screen; rather, make sure that the weight of your head is supported by your spine and neck.

If your job requires you to use the phone for an extended period of time, keep your shoulders comfortably relaxed. If possible, use a headset, as cradling the phone between your shoulder and neck can cause neck pain.

No eye strain

An increasing problem in an office space environment is eye problems.  If you work at a computer, you are putting a great deal of strain on your eye muscles each day, which can cause pain.  In order to minimize the effects of eye strain, place the monitor at arm’s length from you and raise it so that the top of the screen is at eye-level.  Every once in a while, give your eyes a break by looking at far away objects for a few seconds.


In order to reduce back or neck pain, the best thing you can do for your body is to frequently take small breaks.  Once every couple of hours, get up from your computer to stand, stretch your body, relax your eyes, and even walk around.

Whether at work or at home, spending a great deal of time doing tasks which use a repetitive motion can cause more harm to your body than you may realize.  If you are experiencing back or neck pain caused by the consistent motions that your job entails, give the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic a call today. The Villages chiropractor, Dr. Jason Davis offers a variety of pain relief treatments and can work with you in pinpointing the cause of your pain, and treating the pain you are experiencing once and for all!

The Benefits of Seeking Conservative Care First

Seeking chiropractic treatment is quickly becoming the preferred method for treating back, neck and spinal pain; and for good reason.  This year’s National Chiropractic Health Month theme of “Conservative Care First” highlights the many benefits of choosing chiropractic health over other, potentially harmful, treatment options.

  • According to the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center in July 2011, chiropractic did a better job treating back pain than did prescription medication, Pilates, yoga, and even deep tissue massage.
  • Studies have shown a drastic increase in over-reliance of prescription painkillers that only mask the pain.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention calls this uprising an “epidemic.”
  • Studies have shown that treatments for lower back pain that were first treated by a chiropractor cost up to 20 percent less than if the patient had started with an MD.
  • Recent evidence suggests that the use of more invasive treatments, such as spinal fusion surgery is unnecessary, harmful, and in some cases, ineffective.
  • Patients of chiropractors give their practitioners a higher satisfaction rating than medical doctors according to recent surveys.  This would explain why over 27 million Americans use chiropractors annually.

The Villages Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Davis, of the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic, is passionate about seeking conservative care first. Dr. Davis specializes in the industry-leading, DRS Protocol; a highly effective, non-invasive pain treatment option that is completely safe. If you are experiencing chronic neck or back pain, call Dr. Davis to discuss how we can help relieve your pain.

Do You Suffer With Chronic Pain in The Villages, FL?

Chronic pain treatment The Villages, FLAlmost half of all Americans suffer from chronic pain. This is pain that lasts longer than six months, and can vary in intensity from mild to agonizing, and can be physically debilitating.

Chronic Pain Symptoms

The pain can take the form of headaches, joint pain, muscle or nerve pain, sinus pain, and many others. There’s an emotional price to pay also resulting in depression, anger, and fatigue, and even other serious physical problems such as suppressed immune systems.

Pain medications and procedures such as nerve blocks may be used to ease chronic pain, but do nothing to remove the source of the problem. So why not fix what’s wrong and eliminate the pain once and for good?

One big problem is that sufferers don’t always know the source of the problem. Consider a burnt finger. You know you got it by touching your finger to a hot stove, so you know what it is, and how to treat it. Also, a burnt finger will heal over time, whereas most chronic pain is caused by problems that won’t heal quickly if ever.

Lower back pain, for example, could be caused by injured discs in your spine where the problem developed over years of, for example, a repetitive movement at work, or from a car accident that happened a few years ago. It may not be easy to put a cause and effect to the pain. Diagnosing pain has always been hard for doctors to do well because there aren’t many tests or procedures that can show exactly why a person is in constant pain.

Still, this isn’t a reason to give up and just take powerful pain killing drugs the rest of your life, or go through surgery just find out the pain either didn’t go away, or came back within a few years.

Non-Surgical Chronic Pain Treatment in The Villages, FL

Fortunately, there are doctors, like Dr Jason Davis of the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic, in The Villages, FL, who deal with their patient’s chronic pain day in and day out and what they have learned helping others, can work for you. Once you find the cause, you can begin the treatment, procedures these doctors worked hard on over the years to develop, Like the DRS Protocol, used successfully for years to end the chronic nightmare of low back pain without drugs, without pain, and without surgery.

The Villages Chiropractor

Don’t keep covering up the problem. Free yourself from the worry, the side effects, and the costs of trying to mask the pain. Call The Villages, Chiropractor, Davis Clinic of Chiropractic today at (352) 430-2121 to find out more about our non-surgical treatments for chronic pain conditions including headaches, back pain, neck pain & neuropathy. Or, schedule an appointment online at


Your Pain in the Neck Headache Could be Caused by a Problem in your Neck

Headache caused by neck painA headache can be caused by many things, smells, allergies, loud noises, even by chewing gum. For many people, however, the problem isn’t in their head, it’s in their necks.

In between the vertebrae of the neck are cervical discs, designed to cushion the weight of the head while allowing the vertebrae to move. Disc Herniations sometimes can occur here just as they do in your lower spine, compressing the spinal nerves or even the spinal cord.  Herniation can happen without you even realizing it. It may be caused by an accident, injury or just from a rough game of sports.

The pain from disc herniation radiates across your shoulder and into your arm, through your forearm, and sometimes down to your hand. Headaches and neck pain are typical symptoms of a herniated disc in your neck. You may also have numbness in your arms, and even in your legs.

As with most pain, start with rest and the usual over the counter pain relievers. The pain or discomfort may improve over a few weeks, but in many cases, it just never goes away. If this is your problem, choose your next step very carefully. You don’t want to make things worse.

First, you need a thorough examination. You must determine the correct cause of your headaches in order to understand what the best treatment will be. Some treatments may actually cause more harm than good. Surgery, for example, often prescribed for herniated or degenerative discs, may only work for only a few years before the pain is back, and more surgery is prescribed. Even standard chiropractic care could make the problem worse, not better, so make sure you see a doctor who specializes in neck pain problems, like Dr. Jason Davis at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic.

The Same Successful Treatment For Back Pain is Also Available For Neck Pain

After developing the DRS Protocol to help alleviate back pain without surgery or drugs, it was determined that a similar treatment to DRS would also be successful for neck pain. DRS is pain-free, drug-free, and best of all, nonsurgical. After more years or research, it turns out they were right. Only a few doctors in the US have been trained to use the DRS Protocols, and even fewer have been trained to use the DRS protocols for cervical (neck) pain. One of these doctors is in the Central Florida Region, Dr. Jason Davis of the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages, FL.

Headache Treatment at The Villages Chiropractor

Don’t suffer the rest of your life with headaches caused by disc problems in your neck. There is a solution. If you suffer from headaches, contact us today at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic.

Is there a difference between a herniated disc vs a bulging disc?

Herniated disc vs bulging disc

One of those age-old questions, and a question that we get a lot at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic is “What is the difference between a herniated disc and a bulging disc?” Dr. Davis explains the difference between the two, their role in back pain & neck pain, and discusses treatment options in The Villages.

Read the article here:

Back Pain Treatment in The Villages, FL

Chiropractic for Back Pain ReliefDon’t put off until tomorrow, when you can get back pain relief today!

If you’re suffering with neck or back pain, visit The Villages chiropractor, Dr. Jason Davis, at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic today to find out more about our neck pain and back pain treatment.

Avoid Back Surgery with the DRS Protocol treatment for Neck & Back Pain

Our non-surgical DRS Protocol treatment for neck and back pain has helped thousands of patients who suffered with back pain and neck pain get their lives back! If you’ve been told that ‘surgery is your only option’ or that you will have to ‘just live with the pain’, contact Davis Clinic of Chiropractic today to find out if you’re a candidate for our treatment protocol.

Neck or back surgery is NOT your only option! The DRS Protocol at Davis Clinic of Chiropractic is:

  • Safe
  • Non-Surgical
  • Pain – Free
  • Can Help You Enjoy Life Again!

Stop living in pain, contact us today!




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