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Back pain is a very common issue that affects a whopping 80% of people. Of course, the severity of the pain and injury varies from situation to situation.

But it’s not just the pain some of these individuals have to deal with. For instance, some also have other seemingly unrelated conditions, such as depression.

It makes sense for someone with a debilitating back injury to develop depression at some point in time. However, what we’ll discuss is whether back pain and depression interrelate.

What’s the Science Behind it?

You may find it surprising that back pain doesn’t necessarily have to come before the depression. There’s a study that suggests otherwise – those with depression are 60% more likely to develop low back pain.

It’s not quite clear why the two correlate, but there are a few theories.

The Relationship Between Back Pain and Depression

There were over 61,000 cases of lower back pain in the aforementioned Australian study. Based on the findings, it was determined that lower back pain was due to depression, or at least in part.

The evidence also showed that the deeper the depression of the individual, the more severe their back pain.

Now, medical professionals are still not convinced of the correlation between back pain and depression. This is especially true since the two conditions have differing causes.

For instance, lower back pain can stem from all sorts of conditions that relate to the nerves, muscles, bones, disks, and tendons.

The Typical Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are a number of reasons why someone’s lower back may develop pain. For instance, it may be due to irritation in the nerve roots in the region. Or there’s a strain in the muscles of that area. Then there’s the possibility of a degenerating intervertebral disc.

Is It All a Coincidence?

Depression stems from different life circumstances we face. For instance, the death of a family member or losing a job. This condition results in an individual’s ability to enjoy life and the activities they once did.

It’s hard to conclude definitively that back pain and depression correlate. However, when you look at the data, you’ll see those who are depressed somewhat set themselves up for lower back pain.

For instance, they don’t work out as much or do any physical activities. Or they suffer from sleep disorders that can wear down the body. Increased physical activity and restful sleep show improvements in back pain.

Not to mention, the disruption in neural transmitters that affect mood can also diminish your pain threshold.

Treating Back Pain and Depression

Typically, doctors will look to treat both the depression and lower back pain at once. For instance, receiving psychiatric and chiropractic therapy at once.

At Davis Clinic of Chiropractic Inc., we can provide you with top-notch chiropractic care. We also offer assistance with depression using neurofeedback therapies and various others.

If you’re currently suffering from back pain and are depressed, then we can help you. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in becoming happy and pain-free.


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Did you know that 11% of Americans are living with chronic pain?

When you break this down, it calculates to about 25.3 million people.

Most feel a lot of pain in their joints, muscles or bones for a period of months or years. Whatever the cause of the pain, when it lasts too long, it can impair your ability to function daily.

And for some, it inhibits their ability to work. But before reaching this point, it’s best to use preventive methods to remain pain free.

Let’s review some tips on how to do so.

Wear the Right Shoes So You Can Be Pain Free

This is important whether you’re working out, running or walking.

When you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes, it can lead to pain in your feet, legs, and hips. And it’s especially important to have the right shoes when you’re running or working out.

Not doing so can lead to additional injuries.

Lift Objects Correctly

A lot of people lift large and heavy objects incorrectly. And this leads to them going from having a pain free life to one filled with agony. Your lower back is very fragile, so it’s necessary to safeguard it any way you can.

One way is to ensure you squat down before you lift versus bending over to lift. Your legs will support your back rather than have your back do all the lifting.

Sit with a Good Posture

You don’t have to be working at a factory to get a back injury. If you’re one who sits at a desk most of the day, then you too are at risk of getting a spinal injury.

Poor posture is the culprit here. You can correct your posture by sitting in an ergonomic chair and have your monitor at eye level. It’s also essential to set a timer, so you can get up and walk around every hour or so.

Stand up desks are growing in popularity for this reason.

Stay Physically Active

The more out of shape you become, the more prone you are to injury. Trying to lift heavy objects, run up a flight of stairs or do anything else that’s more strenuous than a sedentary activity can injure you.

By remaining active, your muscles, joints, and bones stay strong enough to handle just about any task.

Just make sure you perform your exercises with a proper form, so you don’t end up pulling a muscle or worse.

Go to a Chiropractor

Some people believe you don’t go to a chiropractor until they have an injury. However, going to one can actually prevent all sorts of pain. The cracks and adjustments will keep you in alignment, so your joints and bones don’t ache.

A chiropractor will do this to your entire body. Plus, they can identify problems before they grow into major issues.

Use these Tips to Stay Pain Free

Knowledge is power, but only if you put it to use. These tips can be a great help if you’re serious about leading a pain free life.

If you’re trying to prevent pain or already have some, you can get the assistance of a chiropractor. In many cases, they can help you avoid surgery and medication.

This is exactly what they do at Davis Spine Institute. Contact us today to see how we can help prevent or treat your pain.


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Do you ignore common feelings of back pain? It could be your body telling you something is wrong. The “no pain, no gain” mentality is no way to live a healthy life. Lower back pain leaves sufferers with both mental and physical side effects.

You should never feel alone if suffering from constant back pain. One study found that 80% of people will experience a back-related problem once in their life. Left untreated, back pain can lead to further spinal damage and loss of mobility.

In addition, back pain can sometimes be an indicator of diseases that are already present in the body.

In this article, you will learn why treating back pain as early as possible is crucial.

Constant Back Pain Could Mean Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is an inflammatory disease residing mainly within the spine. Lower back pain was the first sign of AS in over 75% of patients. Over time, this disease can cause limited mobility of the spine. If left untreated, AS can spread to the sacroiliac joint which helps to support the spine.

A physical exam combined with X-ray imaging is used to diagnose AS. Currently, there is no official cure for AS. However, a combination of exercise and therapy is often effective for Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Back Pain Sufferers Have an Increased Risk of Depression

Chronic back pain doesn’t just manifest physical side effects. Living with pain takes its toll on the mind and body. Limited mobility that comes with back pain can make anyone feel helpless.

One of the most common mental side effects of lower back pain is depression. In fact, chronic back pain sufferers are four times more likely to suffer from depression than those without it. In turn, depression can lead to feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and suicidal thoughts

In certain cases, people can live with depression for years without knowing it. Eliminating back pain brings many patients a new quality of life.

Greater Risk of Further Spinal Damage Over Time

Patients often live with untreated back pain for years, aiming to “shrug it off.” Letting back pain go could lead to the risk of further potential injury. The more untreated spinal fractures you have, the further the spine pushes forward. When the spine pushes forward, it can place increased pressure on internal organs. A patient will likely not be aware of these small spinal movements.

Treating older back injuries is wise to avoid further bodily damage. Untreated spinal damage can also cause bones to grow back incorrectly. Over time, a patient can develop loss of mobility, increased pain, and a hunched over stance.

Contact us today so we can help you finally get relief from your pain. Many patients in and around The Villages® community have found back pain relief through the use of the DRS Protocol treatment. Our DRS Protocol treatment has helped thousands of patients regain their pain-free life without medication or surgery.

Don’t let constant back pain control your life any longer.

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neuropathy treatment the villagesNumb Feet? Leg Pain?

If you suffer with

  • Numbness or tingling in the legs or feet
  • Feelings of walking on pins & needles
  • Burning or cold pain in feet or legs
  • Restless legs/spasms
  • Loss of balance

You’re invited to a free seminar to learn about a breakthrough, non-surgical treatment for neuropathy at the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages community.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
at 3:00pm
at 1585 Santa Barbara Blvd, Suite A

Call (352) 430-2121 to register for our free seminar or visit our seminar page to find other available dates.

Stop suffering from Neuropathy! Attend our free seminar to learn how you can get relief!

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tips for traveling with back pain

How to Travel with Back Pain

Here in The Villages, FL, we’re pretty lucky. We get warm weather pretty much year ’round. Yes, there were some chilly days earlier this year, but for the most part, the weather here is pretty sunny and warm! So, we typically don’t think too much about Spring, which officially starts this Sunday, the 20th, until the kids get out of school for Spring Break.

If your Spring break plans include traveling, you may be worried about whether or not your back will be able to handle the added pressure of traveling. Whether in a car or on a plane, traveling can be a literal pain in the back! If you suffer from chronic back pain, we have some helpful traveling advice so you can keep your pain to a minimum during your vacation this Spring break!

Practice Good Posture

If you experience back pain while sitting, you will most likely be surprised by how much great posture can alleviate a majority of the pain. Practice good posture by allowing the seat to fully support your spine. The headrest should be placed directly in the middle of your head and your feet should be placed firmly on the floor. Don’t cross your legs or hunch forward.

Support Your Spine

Even if your plane or car seat offers great lumbar support, you can always bring an extra layer of support! Don’t forget to pack an extra pillow to place between your lower back and the seat. If you don’t have a pillow, a rolled-up sweatshirt or jacket will work just fine!

Switch up Your Seating Position

No one’s back is equipped to handle long periods of time sitting in one position. That means if you’re stuck on the road or in a plane, it’s best to change-up your position. If your back starts to hurt, recline your seat for a while. If you’re still experiencing back pain, try stretching. Lean your head forward while extending your legs, one leg at a time. Hold that pose for about 30 seconds. This will stretch your hamstrings and temporarily relieve back pain.

Use Cruise Control

If you drew the short straw and found yourself driving, keep in mind that cruise control can be your best friend! Use cruise control whenever possible so you can keep your feet flat on the floor, improving your posture.

Take a Break

Don’t try to complete a long road trip all at once. Take a break every couple of hours, or sooner if needed, to stretch your back and your legs.

Following these tips will help take added stress off your back, however if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, contact Davis Clinic of Chiropractic when you return from your trip to learn about our nonsurgical back pain treatment so your next trip can be pain-free!

Here’s something you would expect us to tell you on our blog:  Stand up straight, always use good posture.  Good posture is good for your spine, and keeping your spine healthy is important to us here at The Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages,FL, of course.  But here’s the real reason we want you to use good posture:  It will make you a happier person.

Really, walking while slouching can lead to feelings of depression, but don’t despair.  You can reverse these feelings by walking in a more upright position.

The research on this has been performed by Professor Erik Peper. Peper surveyed over a hundred of his students after they performed certain tasks either in a slouching mode, or in a more upright mode.  Students who walked and slouched felt as if they had less energy, and had feelings of depression.  After they walked in an upright, open manner, they felt better and reported an increase in energy.

Peper has discovered several interesting things that occur when our posture changes.  For one, he says, when we sit up straight, we are more likely to remember positive memories or think of something positive in general.  He also noted that if we skip, as opposed to walk during short breaks, we can increase our energy levels.  On the other hand, a slow, slumped walk seems to drain us of energy.

Poor posture can affect your digestive system, and lead to neck and back pain.  So, do what your mother always told you to do.  Stand up straight and put more energy and happiness into your life.

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Perhaps you suffer with the painful, even debilitating symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.  Perhaps you’re willing to suffer the tingling, burning sensations in your feet and hands, and you accept the fact the numbness in your feet or legs may one day cause you to trip and injure yourself seriously.  You’re willing to accept that having peripheral neuropathy is just your lot in life, just your own bad luck.  After all, you didn’t do anything to cause this.

Not enough is known about how or why people develop peripheral neuropathy, although is seems to commonly inflict people with diabetes and  those who have been through chemotherapy.

You may be willing to suffer through this alone, but this isn’t just about you.  It’s also about your family.  If the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are keeping you from interacting normally with your family, then this hurts them as well as you.  If you’re spending hundreds of dollars every month for drugs that give you a little relief but don’t fully give you back your life, then you’re hurting your family financially as well.

Fortunately, there is a way to put an end to your suffering.  Dr. Jason Davis of the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages, FL, offers a therapy that stops the tingling, ends the numbness, and gives you back your life without surgery, and without expensive and dangerous drugs.

If you won’t see Dr. Davis for yourself, then do it for your family.

Jason Davis

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Health News, is reporting about a recent Mayo Clinic study showing how small differences in genetic code from one person to another can influence who might develop chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, and who might not.  Neuropathy symptoms, such as numbness, burning, or tingling in arms and legs often cause people to end their cancer treatments early.  By understanding a patient’s genetic code, researchers believe they can develop individualized treatments that would spare patients from developing the irritating and painful symptoms of chemo induced neuropathy.

While it would be wonderful to prevent the onset of Peripheral Neuropathy for chemotherapy patients, there are still people suffering neuropathy symptoms from several other causes, including diabetes. Dr. Jason Davis and the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages, FL, has a treatment that will stop the numbness, tingling and burning sensations for those who suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy whether caused by chemotherapy or diabetes, or anything else.  Learn more about this special treatment here.

Jason Davis

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Dr. Alton - Davis Clinic of Chiropractic The Villages, FLChiropractor, Dr. Adam Alton, started at Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in the Fall 2012.

Dr. Alton decided to become a chiropractor when his parents took him to see one after he suffered with terrible back pain from two seasons in marching band. He says he “went from crippling lower back pain to being a normal, healthy teenager again!”

Dr. Alton specializes in helping his patients relieve back pain, neck pain, and neuropathy pain through specialized protocols including the DRS Protocol™ which includes spinal decompression and other procedures customized to his patients needs.

Interview with Dr. Alton

Tell us a little about yourself: I am engaged to a most wonderful little woman who keeps me laughing at all times. My cat, Stitch, is named for my favorite Disney character. I love to read and I love spending time with my fiancé.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of our team? The incredible energy in this office – having a team like this is what other doctors of chiropractic dream about.

What’s your guilty pleasure of choice? A Chicago-style hot dog, all the trimmings at Casey’s Corner.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why? I would be Sherlock Holmes; he is the meeting point of eccentricity and genius.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what one book would you want with you? “The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Jason Davis

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A very large cut in our nation’s budget is scheduled to go into effect on March 1st.  They call it sequestration.  You may have heard about large cuts that will be made to Defence budgets and other areas of the federal government.  Almost every federal agency will feel some of the pain, including the National Institutes of Health,(NIH) the main medical research agency in the United States.

The NIH is currently conducting major research into the causes and cures for neuropathy.  The budget cuts known as sequestration cut 8.2% of the NIH’s research budget, enough dollars to temporarily at least, end their neuropathy studies.  No other research in this field comes close to what the NIH has been doing.

Fortunately, if you live in Central Florida, or in The Villages, you have access to Dr. Jason Davis of the Davis Clinic of ChiropracticDr. Davis is not only an expert in the treatment of painful neuropathy symptoms, he has the latest technologies that can relieve the painful itching, burning and numbness you may be suffering in your hands or feet.

Jason Davis


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