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Spinal Stenosis

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is caused by a narrowing in the spine. The narrowing can occur at the center of your spine, in the canals branching off your spine and/or between the vertebrae, the bones of the spine. When the spine narrows, it puts pressure on your nerves and spinal cord which may result in neck pain or back pain.

Causes of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs mostly in people older than 50. Younger people with a spine injury or a narrow spinal canal are also at risk. Diseases such as arthritis and scoliosis can cause spinal stenosis, as well.

The wear-and-tear effects of aging can also lead to narrowing of the spinal canal. Narrowing of the lumbar spinal canal pinches the nerves that go to the skin and muscles of the legs. Sometimes, the pinched nerves become inflamed, causing pain in the buttocks and/or legs.

Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Symptoms of spinal stenosis vary depending on the location and severity. Symptoms might appear gradually or not at all and may include:

  • Back pain or neck pain
  • Pain that radiates down the leg (Sciatica)
  • Numbness in arms or legs
  • Weakness in arms or legs
  • Foot problems
  • Difficulty walking

Spinal Stenosis Treatment in The Villages, FL

The fact is, surgery is not your only option! If you suffer from chronic pain and numbness or weakness in your arms or legs due to spinal stenosis, make an appointment with The Villages® Chiropractors today. Our spinal stenosis treatment is safe, effective, and a pain-free alternative to neck or back surgery, steroid injections or harmful medications.

If you suffer from the symptoms of spinal stenosis, call Central Florida Regenerative Medicine today at (352) 430-2121 to see if you’re a candidate for our DRS Protocol treatment for spinal stenosis.


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