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Chiropractor in The Villages® Community - Davis Clinic of Chiropractic

Non-surgical treatments for the relief of back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and neuropathy

Do you suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or neuropathy? Are you tired of dealing with the pain symptoms? Have you tried everything including addictive medications, epidurals, and spinal injections, told that surgery is your only option or to just live with the pain?

We can help you! No surgery! No medication!

The Davis Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages® community, offer some of the most effective, nonsurgical, and noninvasive treatments available for chronic pain relief from:

Safe, Effective Pain Relief

Dr. Davis concentrates in non-surgical treatments including the DRS Protocol™ for neck and back pain conditions, the Drug-free Neuropathy Treatment Protocol™ for the relief of neuropathy pain, and the Knee Pain Protocol™ for patients suffering with moderate or chronic knee pain.

Non-Surgical Treatments in The Villages® Community

Surgery is not your only option! Our Chiropractors have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain get their life back without medications or surgery.

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Davis Clinic of Chiropractic
1585 Santa Barbara Blvd, Suite A
The Villages, Fl 32159

Phone: (352) 430-2121